Best Family Dentist in Lincoln

Best Family Dentist in Lincoln

Best Family Dentist in Lincoln

Are you on the search for the best family dentist in Lincoln? Search no longer; the Lincoln Dental and Implant Studio team is here for you. Read on to learn about the services we have to offer here in our Lincoln dental practice.

General Dentistry

Dentist Checkups and Dental Hygiene Services in Lincoln

Your dental hygiene care is the cornerstone of your oral health.

While of course brushing and flossing at home is important, it is absolutely crucial to follow up with your regular dental examinations and cleaning appointments.

During these visits, we ensure that your teeth are clean and free of plaque or tartar. During these visits, We examine the overall health of the teeth, your gums and oral cancer check. If any restorative treatment is needed, we make a treatment plan and estimate.

We also ensure that your teeth are clean and free of plaque or tartar.  We also take this opportunity to give you tips for managing your oral care at home. This proactive approach helps maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.

Emergency Dental Appointments in Lincoln

If you are in need of an emergency dental appointment in Lincoln our team at Lincoln Dental And Implant Studio is here for you. In the case of a dental emergency, the sooner you receive treatment, the better. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 01522304314 and we strive to see you the same day to provide you with the treatment you need.

Tooth Fillings in Lincoln

Fillings are used to repair a tooth that has become damaged or decayed. Here at Lincoln Dental and Implant Studio, we are proud to exclusively use white fillings; the shade of your fillings will be expertly matched to the shade of your natural teeth. The end result is a seamless and long-lasting restoration.

Dentures in Lincoln

Whether you are transitioning into wearing dentures for the first time or you are looking to replace your old ones, our team can help.

Dentures are removable false teeth that are designed to look and feel as natural as possible. We offer different denture options, such as partial dentures, full dentures, chrome dentures, and Valplast; we will work with you to find the option that best suits you and your lifestyle.

We also offer dental implant-supported dentures at our dental practice in Lincoln.

Tooth Extractions and Sedation in Lincoln

When a tooth has sustained extensive damage or decay, it is best to remove it from the mouth rather than repair it. We provide comprehensive tooth extraction services in Lincoln to help you restore your oral health.

For patients who struggle with dental anxiety, we provide dental sedation services in Lincoln. Unlike general anaesthesia, dental sedation relaxes the body and allows you to receive the treatment you need without stress or anxiety.

Dental sedation is not only for teeth extractions; we can use sedation during any dental procedure to ensure that you are more comfortable.

Crowns & Bridges in Lincoln

Dental crowns are used to protect the natural teeth from damage and decay, while dental bridges are multi-unit crowns that are used to close spaces between your teeth. We utilise the best technicians in the UK and digital dentistry to make the best crowns and veneers in Lincoln.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening in Lincoln

If you struggle with yellowed or stained teeth, you are not alone. Thankfully, professional teeth whitening makes it possible to achieve a noticeably brighter and whiter smile. We are the only dentist in Lincoln who is an accredited Enlighten Teeth Whitening Provider. Enlighten Teeth Whitening is the only teeth whitening in Lincoln which guaranteed B1 Shade.

Dental Veneers in Lincoln

Veneers are thin layers of composite or porcelain that are placed on the surface of the enamel. They are used to completely customize the shape, size, colour, and length of teeth, and can also be used to close gaps in the smile. We use the best dental technicians in the country to make bespoke porcelain dental veneers for our patients in Lincoln. All our veneers are made after digital mock-ups using exocad .

Teeth Straightening in Lincoln

Crooked or misaligned teeth can be a major source of anxiety or issues with self-esteem and confidence; they can also make chewing and talking difficult. We offer a variety of teeth straightening services in Lincoln, such as:

Dental Implants

Here at Lincoln Dental and Implant Studio, we are proud to specialize in dental implants in Lincoln.

Dental implants are titanium devices that are placed directly into the jawbone; they are used to replace a missing tooth and restore the functionality and look of the smile as a whole.

We offer a wide range of dental implant services, such as:

Lincoln Dental and Implant Studio: Family Dentist in Lincoln

We are a family-owned and patient-centric dental practice owned by Smitha Mathew and Manu Cherian(Husband and wife clinicians). Manu Cherian and Smitha Mathew are proud to have been providing their patients with top-tier dental care for over 12 years in Lincoln.

For more information about our comprehensive dental services or to get schedule an appointment at our Lincoln dental practice, give us a call at 01522 304 314.

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